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Take A Ballet Lesson

DIAM (Decentralized Invisual Art Market) is the decentralized data marketplace for invisual art. It intends to value a new form of creativity, a new form of art, called invisual art. The idea of DIAM is to unleash creativity on a global scale. DIAM’s dream is to augment the human being through art. With the DIAM Data Token, invisual art lovers all over the world can start buying in their invisual experiences!


Join former Dutch National Ballet principal dancer Casey Herd as he takes you on a journey to visit ballet schools, watch new dance companies, and meet pioneers of the emerging ballet world!

Take A Ballet Lesson

Join Casey Herd in the studio, either in person or via Zoom, for a ballet lesson where he teaches the foundation of classical ballet technique. Beginning at the barre with the basic positions of the arms and legs, we will go step by step learning good placement and line before moving on to the core movements.

After we’ve become familiar with the foundational positions and movements we’ll move into the center and begin working on more advanced movements as we slowly develop our balance, musicality, line, placement, flexibility, coordination, and strength.

The whole process will be 1.5 hours and we will finish off with a short choreography that combines many of the elements of the lesson.

This lesson ups the ante and lets you experience the art from the position of the artist by becoming an artist yourself. It transforms the watcher into the watched as Casey guides your movements and proffers guidance on your quality of movement.

Both in-person and virtual options are available depending on whether you can make it to Amsterdam or if you prefer to beam in via video feed.

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