DIAM (Decentralized Invisual Art Market)


DIAM (Decentralized Invisual Art Market) is the decentralized data marketplace for invisual art. It intends to value a new form of creativity, a new form of art, called invisual art. The idea of DIAM is to unleash creativity on a global scale. DIAM’s dream is to augment the human being through art.

The Context

The art market was created in the 19th century when art was limited to sculpture, painting, drawing, in other words the art market is antic. Art has evolved in a century and half. But not the art market. We observe a huge gap between the most inventive art and the art market. DIAM comes to complete this gap. That’s not all. DIAM solves also a huge problem: a lack of appreciation of the existence and creativity of the human being as such. We believe that 90% of unearthed reservoirs of human being can be accessed through art. DIAM will make this access possible. Just as the art market is a tool to standardizes art, DIAM can be seen as a tool that encourages creativity.

The Invisual Art

Invisual art is art that exists other than in the form of artworks. The practices of invisible art have in common the fact of existing other than in the form of a work of art. There is no definition of invisual art, if not this common point. Invisual art is art that exists most often as an experience and not as a object. The invisual practices are extremely varied: lifestyle, behaviors, experiments, state of mind… More info

DIAM’s Goal

– To enable invisual artists to make a living from their work;
– To enable anyone to become an artist through the valuation of their invisual creativity;
– To provide a tool to encourage inventiveness in art by mixing the latest technologies with the latest form of art in order to build the next generation art market;
– To encourage the emergence of new types of collectors and investors in art;
– Marketing art as an experience.

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