DIAM (Decentralized Invisual Art Market)

Decentralised Invisual Art Marketplace


DIAM (Decentralized Invisual Art Market) is the decentralised data marketplace for invisual art. It’s intention is to activate, value and incentivise a new form of creativity in everbody – a new form of art called Invisual. DIAM’s idea is to free artistic creativity on a global scale. DIAM’s dream is to enlighten human beings through art.

The mission of DIAM is to enabling invisual artists to make a living from their work, to enable anyone to become an artist through the appreciation of their creativity at work and in as a private person, to provide a tool to encourage ingenuity in arts by mixing the latest technologies with the latest in arts in order to create the next generation art market.

Invisual artists can’t make a living from their work. Today, there is no market for selling and buying invisual art. The art market as we know it, is exclusively based on visual art (material or immaterial art works). To appreciate invisual creativity which basically is not esteemed on several levels: humanly, economically, figuratively, socially. DIAM solves a huge problem: a lack of appreciation of the existence and creativity of the human being as such. We believe that 90% of unearthed reservoir of human intelligence can be accessed through art.

Invisual art is art that exists other than in the form of works of art. This is art existing in form of experience, these art practices have in common they exist other than in the form of a work of art. Apart from this common thread, invisual practices are extremely varied. Invisual art has many formats: experiences, lifestyles, behaviors, experiments, concepts, impressions, sensibilities…

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